The Ashcroft® 5 valve manifold-V01 is made for isolating, bleeding and equalizing differential pressure inside tool for upkeep and integration. This helps to ensure that equivalent stress are going to be applied to both sides of transmitter, in other words. zero differential pressure. 50MN series tool manifold is works in pressure transmitter and force price can be as much as 10000psi, the heat start around -73 to 200 level Celcius. Found in differential stress transmitters and fixed instrument applications.

The two hovalves allow simple removal of the instrument for servicing. The product is factory-assembled to a transmitter and leak-tested and can be used with multivariable, fixed and differential stress transmitters. Fluidic have a team of engineers in a position to assistance with your complete instrument application, including manifolds and force transmitters etc.

Mac-Weld 3 and 5 valve manifolds are economical and convenient for mounting differential force transmitters and differential stress switches. The Manifolds can be found in Carbon metal (Zinc, Cadmium plated), 304 SS and 316 SS. Both Carbon metal and Stainless Steel manifolds are offered with stainless stems as standard to offer steel to steel sitting with tight shutoff.

With upstream valve manifolds it is possible to attain uniform force loading from the “+” and “-” side, to avoid single-sided overpressure loading during both start-up and operation, as well as allow zero point checks during operation. Since the valves are complete bore with an uninterrupted movement orifice they have a minimal stress fall throughout the product.

Close the HP and LP block valves. The typical 5-way valve manifold include 2 block valve, 1 equalizer valve, and 2 vent or test valve. The Instrumentation Products Division along with Autoclave Engineers provide extremely engineered movement control elements and systems. Register with our once month-to-month updates on Alco Valves latest news, products and business developments.

Then open the block valve plus the transmitter has returned to solution. Fluid Controls supplies an array of manifolds from Parker. Two Isolating valves and one equalizing valve were created in one human body, making the manifold ideal for on-line tool calibration. Offers two isolation valves, and something equalising valve for differential pressure transmitter or fixed tool applications.

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